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Taking The Scary Out Of WordPress

Navigating WP is the go to resource for WordPress beginners and anyone new to the world of WordPress. Founded by Belinda Owen, Navigating WP is the solution to the problem many website owners face: How do I use WordPress?

With a focus on keeping it simple, Navigating WP removes the techy jargon and overwhelm that so many WordPress courses include. I’ve seen “beginner courses” that talk about php, html and java script. (I can see you shuddering from here – don’t fear!) Yes, it’s great to know about all the nuts and bolts that make up a website, but that’s not what you NEED to know right now. And I’ll go as far to say, unless you’re making a career out of website design, you can go your whole business life without needing to “know it”.

Navigating WP will help you build an easy to navigate website that not only looks good, but will covert. We will also show you how to navigate your website as well as share tips in our knowledge base.

The overwhelm that you feel at the moment will be eased through training courses that are designed to hold your hand. Some things might seem so simple that you wonder why you didn’t know it before. And that’s ok. In fact, that’s the idea. It’s suppose to be simple so you can carry on with growing your business instead of being stuck in the rabbit hole that WordPress can feel like at times.

So join me as I show you how to build, manage and maintain your WordPress website without the techy overwhelm.

About Belinda

Belinda Owen is the owner of Belinda Owen Web Designs and founder of Navigating WP. Belinda has built a brand designing simply beautiful websites that are easy for both client and user to navigate, clean, modern and most importantly – convert. Navigating WP was born when Belinda saw a need to deliver training courses to WordPress beginners that were tailored to… beginners. Because let’s face it, owning a WordPress website shouldn’t be scary.

“To often I’d see WordPress courses aimed at beginners that would talk about technical jargon. Not everyone is technically minded, heck, I’m not even technically minded. Which is why I want to help businesses owners like myself, who jumped into WordPress without knowing anything about it. It took me countless all-nighters googling and reading blogs to learn how to manage my site and even then, there were 10 ways to do something. I want to provide a resource that is judgement free, tailored to beginners and personalised for those who want to talk to a real person!”

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