Are you tired of not knowing how to use your WordPress website?


Did you know, you’re not alone! Many business owners take ownership of their website with little knowledge of how to use it or how take care of it.

Navigating WordPress Online Course

Navigating WordPress will show you how to navigate your website by removing the overwhelm so that you can take back control of your website, your time and your sanity.

Are you the proud owner of a WordPress website but you have no idea how to use it?

Do you look at the back end of your website and wonder what all the settings and buttons are for?

Does your website literally scare the pants off you?

Have you spent countless hours on Google looking for answers, but found yourself getting no where fast?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then this course is the life saver you’ve been looking for.

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So What’s This Course In Summary?

This eCourse is designed for the business owner who wants to take back control of their website. Unlike a lot of courses on the market, Navigating WordPress is aimed at the business owner who does not want to get bogged down with technical jargon or learn how to design a new page from scratch. This course is designed to be light-hearted enough that you can sit and learn the basics of WordPress with a coffee and donut – not a dictionary and Google.

Designed for beginners, this course breaks down the back end of your website without confusing you with all the techy jargon.

So many courses include so much information that you end up with information overload and you forget what it is you actually wanted to know. This course will show you what you need to know, not what a developer wants to show you they know!

This course is for you if:


  • You have a basic working knowledge of WordPress and you’d like to build on that.
  • You have very little knowledge of WordPress except how to log in – we can get you past that stage!
  • You own a WordPress website and you’d like to be able to take back control.
  • You’re a DIYer and you like to have control over your own business.
  • You’re a Virtual Assistant and want to be able to offer WordPress management to your clients – this will help set you apart from your competitors!

Why is it so hard to manage your own site?

To put it quite simply, you’re a business owner – not a web designer or web developer. You’re expertise, or genius zone, is in the business niche you specialise in so it stands to reason that when it comes to managing your website or updating a plugin, that it just isn’t a natural thing. And that’s totally ok, I can’t sew so I leave taking up my sons school pants to the experts! 😉

But with a little bit of training and know how, you too can tackle your website with ease and finally say goodbye to Google searches that lead to no where.

No more wasting your precious time on learning how to update a plugin or paying a developer every time you need to make a change to your site.

learn wordpress for beginners online course

Introducing Navigating WordPress: Here’s what you will learn…

In this 6-module course you will learn:


  • How to update your website safely so you don’t have to fear every time a new plugin update appears.
  • How to upload a plugin and tips to selecting the right plugin because choosing the wrong one can be danger for your website.
  • How to keep your Website secure and minimise the risk of hackers getting in.
  • How to upload a blog so it will be read and start climbing the SEO ladder with handy tips.
  • How to optimise images so your website is faster and not suffering SEO penalties from heavy images.
  • How to change your menus and basic edits so you can add that new page to your site without having to pay someone.
  • Plus much more.

Lifetime Access

So you can come back as many times as you like to refresh your memory or learn at your own pace – 1 step at a time.

Easy To Watch Videos

Most the learning is done via video, so you can see me doing the work on my website in real time.

Printable Worksheets

Easy to follow checklists for the updates module so you can print out your website update plan and keep it handy.

I had been wanting to upgrade my website from Wix to WordPress for some time but was overwhelmed by all the “how to’s” and third parties offering this service. I was thrilled to find Belinda’s DIY WordPress Website Workshop, as it was a cost-effective way to change my site with support and do it in my own time. As an added bonus, learning how to navigate WordPress has meant I can offer another service to support my own clients. The modules were simple to follow and broke down what was required into easy, manageable steps. Belinda’s support throughout has been excellent and I now have a fully functioning, SEO optimised WordPress site that I am proud to say I built myself.

Samantha Mitchell

VA & Copywriter, DIY Website Workshop

How good will it feel when…

You can say goodbye to Google searches and lengthy YouTube videos that don’t even answer your questions.

You finally feel confident navigating your website and doing those things that were giving you heart palpitations before.

You can upload your own blogs to your website without having to outsource it.

You can update your site’s plugins, theme and WP core files without breaking out in a cold sweat.

PLUS Bonuses…

The option to add a 30 minute 1:1 Zoom Session with me.

We can go through your site together and I’ll happily answer any questions you have about the course. OR,  we can use the time to go through your website’s page builder with you so you can have ultimate control over your site.

Bonus SEO Basics Module Included

SEO is a complex thing, but I’ve included a bonus little video on SEO tips you can implement on your own to get your website heading in the right direction on the search rankings.

Designed For Beginners

Unlike a lot of WordPress courses, this course is designed with beginners in mind. It’s simple and breaks your website down into what you need to know as a business owner, not what a developer thinks you need to know.

Your Questions Answered…

Is this course really designed for beginners?

Yes it is. There is no mention of coding, php or html in this course. (I can see you shuddering already!). I’m not a coder or developer, I’m just like you – a small business owner who’s been in your shoes. This course will simply show you how to navigate your website with ease and confidence and how to update your site without the overwhelming fear. 

Will this course save me money?

Yes! In just a few short months you could save what you’d pay for someone to do your website updates for you. You could also be saving money on hiring developers to update your website periodically.

Does it matter what theme or plugins my website uses?

No it doesn’t. We don’t go specifically into specific themes or plugins (unless they’re essential plugins I’ve shown you through the course). We won’t cover page builders or how to edit your pages in this course as each page builder is different and this course is to show you how to navigate WordPress.

We will cover page builders and editing pages in the course?

No, not specifically. As all page builders and themes are different, I can’t go through each one individually in this course. 

We can however go through your website page builder and pages during the 30 minute 1:1 Zoom Session – simply select this option when purchasing the course and we can go through your site together.

Is the 1:1 Zoom Session with you Included or Extra?

The 1:1 Zoom Session is an optional extra on the course because I know some people like to learn quietly at their own pace without the chat. But, I also know that sometimes it’s great just to be able to talk to a human and get clarification or validation on something – so the option is there. This course isn’t designed to leave you in the lurch, so the extra support is there if you need it.

The extra support is $50 and can be added to your course at the time of checkout.

How do I book the 1:1 Zoom session with you?

In your account dashboard there is a link to book a 1:1 chat with me. If you have paid for this session in your course then it will be included – simply click the link to book a time that suits.

If I book the 1:1 Zoom session, what will we cover?

In short, anything you like! We can go over the course or anything that you would like clarification on, or we can go trough your site and I can take you on a personal tour of your website. This time could be used to personalise your training course with a 30 minute session on how to navigate your page builder or make simple changes to your site.

How long will I have access to this course?

You will have lifetime access to this course, so you can come back to it anytime you like.

What payment methods do you take?

Both Paypal and Credit Card payment options are available.

Navigating WordPress is a subsidiary of Belinda Owen Web Designs. T/A Belinda Owen Web Solutions. ABN 26 211 505 214.  

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